Whether it’s for work, school or pleasure, cycling has many benefits. It’s convenient, environmentally friendly and can help you keep fit.

Our road safety teams provide training to ensure that cycling continues to be a safe activity, causing little risk either to cyclists themselves or to other road users.

What’s on offer across the county?

Bikeability: cyclist training for the 21st Century

Bikeability is cyclist training for the 21st Century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads.

There is a range of Bikeability courses available, from ‘Learn to Ride’ to advanced level. For more information about Bikeability please click here.

Every school in Essex is given the opportunity to have cycle training. For more information and/or to book Bikeability lessons in your local area contact:


We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children, young persons and adults at risk and our aim is to ensure all who participate in cycle training have a safe, fun, positive experience and are able to fulfil their potential.

Happy father teaching his little daughter to ride a bicycle. Child learning to ride a bike.Bikeability Learn to Ride

Bikeability Learn to Ride sessions are for children or adults who are unable to cycle. This includes anything from those children who are ready to make the move to riding with pedals, or adults who have never learnt to cycle. Sessions are taught 1:1 or 2:1, in an off road environment for a 45 min session. The cost for this is from £10 for the first lesson and subsequent lessons £20.
Click here to email for more details

Friends on BikesTraining for Adults

Many adults who take up cycling for work or pleasure can find that after a long period of not cycling, their confidence on the roads is a bit shaky. Cycle training is an ideal way to regain confidence and get the skills you need to cycle among traffic. We also offer training from Learn to Ride to advance level.

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Dark bicycle chain background with red light, technology and precision

Bike Maintenance Tips

For safe and happy cycling, it’s important to understand how to check your bicycle before you set off on your journey and how to keep it maintained. Here is a helpful guide from Cycling UK



Tools for School

A suite of tools to help your school maximise the impact of Bikeability for all pupils, including what is included in Bikeability training and how to organise it; learning resources to support the curriculum and beyond; tools to help you promote and celebrate Bikeability and activities to support home-school engagement.

Links to More Hints and Tips

Urban Cycling  

Teach your child to ride a bike

Find your nearest National Cycle Network

Cycle with your family

Getting ready for a bike ride

Upcoming holiday and weekend courses

The cost of courses is from £10. To request a booking form, or for more information, email:

Click here to view a list of upcoming cycling courses.


Other courses available in Essex

Cycling training (Southend-on-Sea). Adult cycle training is available in Southend-on-Sea with frequent one-to-one sessions and lead rides. Visit the Cycle Southend website for more details.


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