Road users

Car driving on dual carriageway

This section of the website contains advice and information about for a wide spectrum of road users detailed below.

Parents & children

Including child car seats, pedestrian training and parking issues at schools.
Find out more about parents and children

Young drivers

Including learning to drive, tips to help you stay safe and keep your licence, extra skills and training, insurance and telematics, and young driver events.
Find out more about young drivers


Including Bikeability training for children, cycle training for adults and local cycling venues.
Find out more about cyclists


Including licencing, protective clothing and equipment, further/advanced training, and tips to help riders stay safe.
Find out more about cyclists

Mature drivers

Including tips to help mature drivers stay safe and links to other sources of information and training for older drivers.
Find out more about mature drivers


Topics including drug driving, mobile phones, motorway driving, seatbelts, fatigue, speed and winter driving.
Find out how tto get advice on the above issues

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