Parents and children

Making sure your children are safe out and about is very important.

As a parent, you are role modelling road safety walking, crossing the road, cycling or driving, and it is how your children will learn how to behave. Take into account that young children will not see the roads as you see them, due to their height, visual development and ability to perceive hazards, even as teenagers.

Other websites/resources

There are lots of resources and advice for parents/carers and their children in the ‘education’ section of our website and on the following websites:


The Brake website has a section dedicated to parents and families.

Road Safety GB

Road Safety GB hosts series of child road safety resources from pre-school age to teenage years. A majority of the resources are free and available to everyone.

Road ready? Expect the unexpected

In this film, CITV presenter, Sam Homewood, encourages children to be ‘road ready’ and be safe on the road.

Crossing roads: kids know best

In this film, while playing dress up, pupils learn how to cross the road safely using the Stop, Look, Listen, Think sequence.


The RoSPA website has a section dedicated to children and road safety.


THINK! Education includes a wealth of road safety information and resources for pupils, teachers and parents.

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