Vision Zero is our ambition to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on Essex roads by 2040.

Whilst considerable success has been made in recent years, there were still 49 deaths and 769 serious injuries recorded in Essex during 2022. 

This is too many.

We cannot achieve this ambition alone. We need the support of the whole community – which includes all road users and businesses.

However we use the roads in Essex – whether we drive, walk, cycle, scoot or travel on horseback – each and every one of us has an important role to play in sharing the road safely.

Progress towards Vision Zero can be achieved through the ‘Safe System’ approach. This approach accepts human error but requires everyone to understand their role in making the system work safely.

The Safe System is designed so that when people do make mistakes, any resulting impact forces are low enough to avoid death or serious injury.

These measures are split into five layers of protection:

  • Safe speeds
  • Safe vehicles
  • Safe road use
  • Safe roads and roadside
  • Post collision response

We feel that the passion behind Vision Zero is captured by the impact of this film from The Transport Accident Commission Victoria (Australia) Towards Zero.

Vision Zero Pledge


Click here to see a selection of people supporting the Vision Zero ambition.

The strategy

The full Vision Zero strategy document, outlining how we intent to meet our ambition, CAN BE FOUND HERE (PDF) and a summary CAN BE FOUND HERE (PDF).

If you would like to make a comment, make suggestions or provide feedback on these strategies, please email us at:

Vision Zero – frequently asked questions

Click here (PDF) to find the answers to a number of frequently asked questions about our Vision Zero initiative.

Vision Zero workshop presentation

Vision Zero strategy launch day

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