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Do you have employees who drive as part of their job – we can help.

Whether a sales team, regional managers, service engineers, delivery drivers or even staff using their own cars for business journeys, the Business Driving in Essex programme aims to help employers reduce work-related road risk.

Driving is widely recognised as one of the highest risk activities that most employees will ever undertake. Managing this risk is essential in order to protect drivers and other road users from harm, to fulfil the responsibility of company directors and to protect the reputation of the company itself.

The good news is, that if this risk is managed well, it will improve compliance with current legislation and guidance but can also bring significant benefits in terms of controlling costs and enhancing efficiency; in short – it makes good business sense!

Business Driving in Essex offers a bespoke theory presentation and driver assessments and provides expert guidance for safer business driving in the future. The course caters to a variety of vehicles, including grey fleet, vans, lorries, minibuses.

Use the email address below to arrange a chat to establish how we can work together to reduce the number of ‘at work’ drivers involved in road collisions:

It is essential that all business owners, directors, and managers are aware of the need for well-defined safe working practices, for anyone driving or maintaining vehicles for their business.

The Safer Essex Partnership is offering help and support to any local businesses that wish to work with us to reduce the number of road casualties, as part of our strive towards Vision Zero.

We offer free consultations and on-line or practical help with policies and training. We are committed to reducing casualties in the business environment, due to the high number of collisions involving commercial vehicles as part of journeys for work.

At least 28% of collisions in Essex involve a commercial vehicle or another vehicle being driven on a working journey.

Casualties in collisions involving all commercial vehicles and all vehicles engaged in a journey as part of work for the period 2018-2022:

  •  30% of all recorded collisions involved a commercial vehicle or a vehicle on a journey as part of work.

These collisions resulted in:

  • 91 fatalities (38% of all fatalities)
  • 1,061 serious injuries (27% of all serious injuries)
  • 4,748 slight injuries (33% of all slight injuries)

This averages to 18 fatalities, 212 serious and 950 slight injuries per year

We want these numbers to be brought down to zero, the only number of deaths and serious injuries we can accept.

We want to work with businesses, and with support from National Highways, we are offering our services free of charge. Click here for our business flyer which details how we can help and how to get in touch.

Find out how we can help below:

Highway Code

Make sure you and your drivers know the Highway Code, particularly relating to the size and weight of the vehicle they are driving.

Training courses and consultations

We provide a range of courses for local businesses that can help improve safety of employees and save your business money.

Find out more information here


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