Extra Eyes Videos

Here’s a selection of videos showing examples of standards of driving that have been prosecuted.

These videos are a sample of those we have been able to prosecute, thanks to your dashcam footage.

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Blue Audi

Where: Radwinter Avenue, Wickford


Outcome(s): The offending driver was disqualified from driving for 15 months, required to take an extended driving test, and was fined £400, plus an additional £145 costs and a victim surcharge of £40.

Black Audi & red Peugeot

Where: London Road, Rayleigh



“I was driving on London road Rayleigh away from the town centre. A black Audi came up behind me, very close and fast. As I slowed to take the 90° bend under the railway bridge, the Audi overtook me on the blind bend. Then the Peugeot who appeared to be racing the Audi, overtook us both. The Peugeot drove on the wrong side of the central refuge of the pedestrian crossing outside the Travellers Joy pub. There is no way he could have seen or stopped for anyone on that crossing. The two cars then sped away along London road, past Sweyne Park school at around 50mph.”


Red Peugeot – the driver pleaded guilty early.

  • Licence endorsed: 5 penalty points & fines totalling £296

Black Audi – the driver failed to appear at the correct time and the case was heard in the drivers absence.

  • Licence endorsed: 5 penalty points & fines totalling £584

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