Winter warning for Essex pedestrians

SERP pedestrians at night

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership is encouraging pedestrians to spare an extra thought for their safety this winter, with figures highlighting a spike in casualties after the clocks went back in October.

In the 14 days which followed the clocks going back on 28 October, there were eight pedestrian KSIs (killed or seriously injured) across Essex – five of which were during hours of darkness.

This compares to four pedestrian KSIs in the 30 days prior to the clock change.

SERP says the spike in pedestrian KSIs is typical of the time of year – and is encouraging pedestrians to be extra vigilant and make themselves seen.

SERP’s ‘Time to Reflect’ campaign aims to increase awareness among pedestrians, drivers and riders in a bid to reduce avoidable injuries and deaths on the county’s roads.

The campaign calls on road users to stay aware of all potential hazards and to consider how best to make themselves seen when out and about in the dark. Suggestions include carrying a torch, wearing reflective clothing or carrying something made of reflective material.

It focuses on three areas where adult pedestrian casualties are most prevalent – Colchester, Basildon and Southend-on-Sea – and the three most common causes of vehicle and pedestrian conflicts:

  • Driver or pedestrian failed to look/see
  • Pedestrians careless/in a hurry
  • Pedestrians impaired by alcohol

Last month, SERP also asked all road users to ‘look out for each other’ this winter in support of the THINK! cycle safety campaign.

As part of the campaign, road safety officers are visiting railway stations over the winter months to speak to cyclists about how to stay visible, and motorists about how to share the road considerately.

04 December 2018

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