Vision Zero Pledge

"I pledge my support for zero road deaths in Essex"

  • • Be alert, considerate and careful, every time I use the roads
  • • To drive within the posted speed limit or more slowly, to allow for unforeseen risks
  • • Always wear a seatbelt and insist that my passengers do the same
  • • Put my mobile phone away or on silent when driving and avoid other distractions
  • • Always ensure any alcohol or drugs have left my system before driving
  • • Ensure I am well-rested and not tired before driving or riding
  • • Carefully look twice at junctions or before pulling away in a vehicle
  • • Follow Highway Code guidance while walking, cycling, riding or driving
  • • Share the roads and allow plenty of space for everyone including horses, bicycle riders and pedestrians
  • • Support the Vision Zero aspiration for zero road deaths and injuries and to encourage my friends and family to support it too
  • By signing the pledge you agree to receiving information by email about Vision Zero and other road safety initiatives from the Safer Essex Roads Partnership.
  • Your data is confidential and will only be held by the Safer Essex Roads Partnership if you chose to input your email address. Visit: to read our full privacy statement.


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We recommend using the message:

I’ve signed the Essex Vision Zero Pledge, because even one death on our county’s roads is one too many. Join me and sign the pledge today #VisionZeroEssex

But feel free to get creative!

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