How can you support Vision Zero?

However we choose to use the roads, we all have a shared responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe.

If we all work together, using the roads lawfully and respectfully, we can all help to reduce the risk of being killed or injured in a collision.

Whether you drive many miles across the county each week, or whether you prefer to cycle, walk, scoot or horse ride, it’s important for us all to play our part.

Show your support for Vision Zero in the following ways:

Sign the pledge
Tell your friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues and show your support on social media.

Click here to sign the pledge.

Use the roads safely every time you leave your home
For tips and advice on how to stay safe, check out our road users section.

Report unsafe behaviour on the roads
You can help us reduce collisions and casualties and make roads across Essex roads even safer by reporting instances of poor and dangerous driving. The Essex Extra Eyes scheme allows members of the public to submit video and photographic evidence relating to driving incidents. You can find out more and submit videos here:

Become a Vision Zero Champion
We are looking for individuals or existing community groups to become Vision Zero Champions - to help us to spread the word in their communities about the importance of Vision Zero. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more at

Thank you for being a responsible road user and for playing your part in working towards Vision Zero.

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