I’d like to thank your team so very much – the two lady trainers had both my son’s riding within nine minutes! They were both lovely and did such an amazing job.

We will be back in a couple of years with our youngest and I have recommended you to a number of people also.

Thanks again! 

I just wanted to say thank you for putting us in touch with Lisa Wright.

We were stuck getting him to that next step and Lisa made that transition easy. She was amazing, she really helped Henry to understand how to sit on the bike and to have confidence in balancing on the bike. She gave us sound advice, which we followed and after a few attempts with us, he is finally riding his new bike with confidence.

To see my nine year old go from no confidence to a huge smile and asking everyday to go out his bike is just fantastic. He really liked Lisa and asked for me to tell her how well he is doing, I told her and she was full of praise. 

Driver improvement

I would like to provide some positive feedback, their teaching methods kept the whole group interacted throughout. A very safe and respectful space for individuals to speak and give options openly. Their own personalities complimented each other and made the experience very enjoyable.  

It was a very educational agenda/course and I have gained many pointers and tips for my future driving. Thank you for a pleasant afternoon reminding me how important road safety is.

It was nothing like I was expecting and focused on improving our awareness of speed limits and hazards.  There was nothing to make me feel guilty for speeding.  The four hours did not drag by and the two excellent presenters (Mark & Bruce) held our attention with relevant topics and injected humour. 

The group were encouraged to interact with the presenters & ourselves which added to the value of the course.  I am now more aware of limits and being careful to limit my speed.  It was a pity there was some ‘no shows’ as they would have also benefited.

I thought the course was brilliant and it has absolutely changed my attitude about driving. It made me realise how bad I had been driving and what bad habits I had picked up over the past 40 years. Now I read the road instead of just rushing to get to my destination.

I want to thank the two trainers, who I thought were extremely knowledgable and very professional. They made the course lighthearted, whilst getting across to everyone how serious driving is.

What an eye opener the course was, I knew nothing about smart motorways, in fact I had not even heard of them but I learnt so much in such as short space of time.

In my opinion it should be mandatory for every new driver to attend this course as part of the test.

Well done to you guys anyway for delivering the course so well. 

Could you please give my thanks to the two gentlemen who fronted the course I attended, it was 4 hours well spent and I have come away from the course a lot wiser 

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