Traffic operation nets more than 70 driving offences

SERP Basildon event

Forty drivers have been issued with awareness courses after being stopped by Essex Police for failing to wear a seatbelt.

The offences were detected as part of a day-long traffic operation in Basildon on 20 October – conducted by officers from Basildon’s local policing team and special constables from Essex Police’s Casualty Reduction Unit.

On top of the seatbelt offences, 12 people were issued with a £200 fine and six points for driving while using a mobile phone and 10 were fined for speeding offences.

One driver was arrested for drug driving and driving without a valid licence, while officers also picked up 13 other driving offences including no MOT and careless driving.

PC Dean Young, who coordinated the operation, said:

“With so many drivers caught on one road, it shows the need for our traffic operations. There is no excuse for using your mobile phone at the wheel or not wearing your seatbelt.

“The operation was also an opportunity for special constables from our Casualty Reduction Unit to use their skills to help keep the public safe.”

The specials involved in this operation are volunteer police officers who are equipped with full policing powers and the same uniform as regular officers, to help protect their local community.

Special constable Curtis Price, who participated in the operation, said:

“As a special, it’s good to receive support from our regular officers so we can volunteer our time to protect the county.”

26 October 2018

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