The Safer Essex Roads Partnership is the first partnership to sign coordinated road safety manifesto.

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) has signed The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety’s (PACTS) national manifesto, calling for immediate and strategic action to address the persistent issue of road fatalities and serious injuries in the UK.

The manifesto outlines four strategic priorities aimed at revolutionising road safety and significantly reducing fatalities and serious injuries on UK roads, which aligns with SERP’s Vision Zero objective- the aspiration for zero deaths and serious injuries on Essex roads, by 2040.

The four strategic priorities are as follows:

1. Developing a National Road Safety Strategy – Implement a Safe System Strategy focused on prevention, protection, and post-collision response, coupled with evidence-based targets and robust safety performance indicators.

2. Establishing a Road Safety Investigation Branch – An independent body modelled after existing transportation safety branches to analyse road incidents and provide actionable insights for preventing future tragedies.

3. Introducing Graduated Driver Licensing – A progressive licensing system to support young drivers by limiting high-risk driving situations, a measure proven to reduce fatalities by up to 40%.

4. Adopting Advanced Vehicle Safety Regulations – Immediate implementation of the world-leading vehicle safety standards, mandating critical technologies such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Intelligent Speed Assistance.

Last year, 41 people were killed on Essex roads, and the SERP feels this number is unacceptable, with immediate national collaboration needed, starting with a joint call to action for the upcoming government.

 Nicola Foster, Chairman of the Safer Essex Roads Partnership, said: “Strong leadership and a strategic approach are key to reducing road deaths in the UK. As a member of PACTS, the SERP works with other road safety partnerships to share best practice, but we know more could be achieved with a national strategy. The introduction of measures such as graduated driving licences has saved so many lives in other countries. We believe strongly that young people in the UK deserve the same protection.”

 For more information on the manifesto, and the objectives of PACTS, visit: The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety – PACTS

 For more information on the SERP, and Vision Zero, visit:

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