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The SERP have launched a Road User Attitudes project in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University.

This project uses an online survey to find out more about road use habits, attitudes to risky behaviours and perceptions of other road users.

The project has a number of aims, including to learn more about perceptions of risky behaviours and enforcement activity. The survey is the first part of a longer term project to examine how perceptions and attitudes to road risk may (or may not) change over time. The information collected will be invaluable, allowing the SERP to understand more about which road safety activities are most effective, and what should be prioritised in the SERP contribution towards Vision Zero – that there should be no deaths or serious injuries on the roads of Essex by the year 2040.

The survey is hosted online and takes around 30 minutes to complete, please click here to take part and share your views:

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