Teens learn the importance of safely passing cyclists

SERP safe pass

Pre-drivers in Essex have been learning about the importance of leaving a safe distance when passing cyclists on the road.

The Highway Code recommends that drivers should give vulnerable road users – such as motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders – the same amount of room as they would when overtaking a car, typically 1.5m.

On 19 May, the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) attended the Young Drivers’ Scheme* – which provides lessons for young people aged 15-16 years on the third Sunday of most months.

Armed with virtual reality goggles, SERP road safety officers helped the pre-drivers understand the dangers posed to cyclists by drivers who pass without leaving sufficient space.

A close pass mat was used to demonstrate the safe passing distance to attendees – who also included parents and driving instructors.

*Young Drivers’ Scheme
The Young Drivers’ Scheme, which is run by the Chelmsford & District Group of Advanced Motorists and Driving Instructors Club Essex (DICE), offers lessons to young people before they reach the age at which they can legally drive on a public road.

The scheme is aimed primarily at 16-year-olds, but places are offered to 15-year-olds if vacancies exist.

The scheme is support by Essex Fire & Rescue, who are on hand to provide key road safety messages on issues including seat belts and mobile phones.


21 May 2019

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