Primary schools


We offer an interactive talk for foundation stage children and their parents. This session focuses on the importance of road safety and simple rules to follow as pedestrians, scooting or cycling.

Reception teacher's evaluation:

"Great presentation. Thank you. Children were able to recall the keywords and actions very well, catchy, and memorable for them.

"A lovely session and especially the song at the end!! We will be using that in class. Just the right length and great visuals to help keep them focused."

Please download the Reception presentation (Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation) to complete at home or in school.

Year 5

Safer Essex Roads offer pedestrian training to all Year 5 students. As they are starting to make more independent journeys, we aim to equip students with knowledge of important road features, safe crossing checks and tools to keep themselves safe. This session is classroom based and training at the roadside. All locations are risk assessed and PPE provided.

Teacher's response:

"As a driver, I was surprised by some of the information coming from the session! It has definitely made me re-evaluate to ensure that pedestrians are always safe when I am on the road. For the children, it was very informative without being scary.

"It was very well structured and very engaging to the children. They were able to look at pictures that they can see in everyday life and an impactful clip to get the message across. The children were keen to put their hand up and share their stories and ideas. Question time at the end was given to promote children to clarify their learning. The presentation was well paced. There were many road safety issues covered."

Please download the Year 5 presentation (Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation) to complete at home.

Crucial Crew

We attend Crucial Crew events around Essex in partnership with local councils. These sessions reinforce roadside safety techniques.

School Speed Watch

Our team are working with a number of schools when we are working within a district. Your school will be contacted by a member of our team if your school in one of the focus areas. A group of students join a SERP team member and police officer who discuss the consequences of speeding with drivers. The may also be opportunities where we work with partners like Essex Police, Parking Partnerships and School Crossing Patrols to make schools safer.

School Speed Watch responses:

"More examples like this need to happen seeing the children and answering their questions makes me feel how a split second can change a life"

"I know for a fact that being stopped and questioned by the children had a lasting impact on me. It was a very eye opening experience. The children were so lovely, and their questions really brought home the importance of driving safely. Thank you to everyone involved. And I am sorry I was speeding…"

Additional resources

There are lots of resources available we recommend THINK! Educational resources.


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