Surround a Town days return to Essex

Approximately 100 driving offences were detected during a recent Surround a Town (SAT) day in Southend.

Organised by the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP), SAT sees resources focussed on a tight geographical area, often where there are high rates of collisions and casualties. The initiative uses a combination of enforcement and engagement to highlight the importance of safe and legal driving.

On Friday 2 July, officers and staff surrounded Southend and detected a string of offences included 41 seatbelts, six mobile phones, three careless driving and nearly 50 drivers were found to be speeding. Six e-scooters were also seized during the operation.

Samantha Wright, Road Crime Operation Co-ordinator for Essex Police, said: “These high visibility operations are so important in light of the Partnership’s aspiration of zero deaths and serious injuries, Vision Zero.

“We want to ensure everyone sticks to the speed limit, avoids distractions, avoids drink or drug driving and always wears their seatbelt. Shockingly we caught 48 people speeding, one of whom was found doing 74 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone.

“Speed is the number one contributory factor for deaths on our roads and we cannot stress the importance of sticking to the speed limit, enough. No one deserves to die or to be seriously injured on our roads.

“We’ll be continuing with these operations throughout the year, including one in the north of the county today (8 July).”

The engagement team were not out in the town centre due to current Covid-19 restrictions, but it is hoped that this will change following the next Government announcement.

Over the next few SAT days, the engagement team will be supporting by giving road safety training to hundreds of school children and assisting with speed checks. Essex residents will also see an increase in Community Speed Watch groups out across the county over the coming weeks and months to support the SAT day activity and Vision Zero aspiration.

08 July 2021

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