Sun up sun down


Autumn is upon us and our scenery is changing to beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow.  With this autumnal change comes a lowering sun and falling leaves on our roads.

At this time of year, the low sun can make driving extremely hazardous and the sun’s dazzle can be right in the eye line when driving. The proportion of collisions where dazzling sun is a contributory factor increases by nearly 25% during the November-January period, compared to the rest of the year. On average, 109 people are injured in Essex every year in collisions where dazzling sun is a factor.

Falling leaves are fun to kick about on a winter’s walk, but leaves on our roads are a hazard as tyres can’t make contact with the road. Give consideration to this danger when driving or riding; particularly on our many rural roads in Essex.

Please be careful and think ahead before setting out on a journey, as there are a few small changes you can make to help ensure a safer trip:

  1. Allow enough time for your journey so you can drive slower if needed.
  2. Be aware that your windscreen visor will not always protect you from low sun and it may be useful to raise your driving position, if comfortable.
  3. Reduce the effects of sun glare by ensuring the inside and outside of your windscreen is kept clean and grease free.
  4. Take extra caution on wet roads as the sun will reflect off the road too.
  5. Be prepared for wet leaves in the road; especially if you are on two wheels!

One small change to your preparation could change the outcome of your journey as our summer draws to a close.

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