Students learn not to reach a ‘dead end’

Year 11 students from across the county have been learning about their responsibilities as a passenger when travelling with a newly-qualified driver.

As part of a Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) initiative, students have watched a performance of ‘Dead End’ – which shows the build up to, and consequences of, two crashes.

Designed for this age group, the performance is delivered by Collingwood Learning – a specialist in live theatre workshops – and uses a ‘talking heads’ style approach with graphic descriptions of the crashes and the emotional scars.

The performance guides the audience through the key messages, including don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or speed and always wear a seat belt.

It also highlights the important role passengers have to play in not distracting the driver.

Analysis shows this performance has been particularly effective at communicating with Year 11 students – who have proved highly receptive to its more sophisticated and emotive approach.

05 February 2020

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