Southend drivers are warned to belt up

Police officers in a car park during the Southend Vision Zero day

Southend’s Vision Zero day was busy on the enforcement, with 67 vehicles stopped. 

A shocking 28 seatbelt tickets issued, with many drivers noted to be wearing their belts under their arms. Not only is it an offence to not wear a seatbelt in a vehicle, with very few exemptions, but it could result in a fine, or points on your licence.

In Essex alone, almost half of collisions where the occupant isn’t wearing a seatbelt, resulted in an occupant either killed or seriously injured.

During the day, two arrests were made for drug driving, with one driver in a 3.5-ton vehicle with trailer attached testing positive for cannabis and being arrested.

A second driver entered a one-way system the wrong way and was stopped by police. The vehicle had a strong smell of cannabis, which was then seized from the occupants, and the driver was also arrested for drug driving, after testing positive.

As a way of promoting safer driving in the area, speed checks were undertaken, with two offenders, seven mobile phone tickets were issued, and 14 eye site tests were conducted, with all drivers passing the mark.

For more information on Vision Zero, and how to help make Essex a safer place, visit:


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