Sixty-four seatbelt offences found on latest Surround a Town day during Road Victim Month

A SERP officer participating in a Surround a Town day in Southend

The Surround a Town (SAT) days see resources focussed on a tight geographical area, often where there are high rates of collisions and casualties.

The initiative uses a combination of enforcement and engagement to highlight the importance of safe and legal driving.

The latest Surround a Town day took place in Southend on 7 August, the first SAT day during Road Victim Month, a campaign organised by the charity RoadPeace, to remember people who have been killed or injured on UK roads.

Samantha Wright, Road Crime Operational Co-Ordinator, said: “We have initiatives such as SAT days because we don’t want any road victims. We all aspire for Vision Zero, the ambition that no one dies or is seriously injured on Essex roads.

“We are all human and humans make mistakes, but no one deserves to die in a collision.

“SERP is working hard to create a ‘safe system’ in Essex which has layers of protection such as improved roads and improved vehicles but there are things we can all do to protect ourselves and others. Shockingly we saw 64 people not wearing their seatbelt, 5 people using their mobile phone, 3 people were driving carelessly, and we made 2 arrests for drug-driving. We also seized 3 vehicles for not having insurance.

“You might think that death or serious injury won’t happen to you, but for 722 people in Essex last year, it did. We all have a shared responsibility to ensure we all arrive home to our loved ones.”

Despite the very heavy and prolonged downpours of rain in the morning, engagement continued with drivers, passengers and passers-by.

Road Safety staff were also joined by an expert for child car seat safety who was able to give assistance to officers and to drivers about the safe fitting of child car seats and the carriage of children. This was particularly useful for a family with an autistic child; the child was reluctant to stay strapped into a seat.

11 August 2021

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