SERP young rider campaign to feature at national conference


Road safety professionals from across the UK will hear about a Safer Essex Roads Partnership campaign, which calls on young riders to enhance their knowledge on safe riding, at a conference in March.

The Street Spirit campaign gives young riders the chance to win one of two new bikes, with full protective kit and a year’s insurance, by watching five short videos and then completing a quiz. The videos highlight the key things young riders need to know to stay safe and enjoy riding.

The campaign was launched on the back of figures showing that powered two wheeler (P2W) riders are the highest road user risk group in Essex.

In 2016, they made up just 0.8% of the county’s traffic but were represented in over 26% of all collisions involving death or serious injury.

Street Spirit will be presented to a national audience at the Young Rider Focus conference, organised by Road Safety GB and FirstBike, in Birmingham on 6 March.

Young Rider Focus aims to spark debate and positive action to improve young rider safety.

The Street Spirit presentation will be delivered by Andy Stroulger, road traffic collision reduction manager for Essex County Fire & Rescue Service, and SERP’s motorcycle safety expert.

Andy’s passion is motorcycling and motorcycle safety, which forms an important part of his portfolio. He manages the Essex FireBike, which is used to engage with riders as part of efforts to increase skills and reduce casualties.


23 January 2019

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