SERP urges pedestrians to focus on safety as clocks go back

SERP campaign bus

SERP has launched a new campaign on the back of figures which show that more than 1,000 adult pedestrians have been injured, and 40 killed, in road traffic collisions in Essex during the last three years.

Analysis shows that pedestrians were primarily at fault for 45% of the collisions that resulted in death or serious injury  – meaning many of these would have been ‘completely avoidable’ by following some very basic road safety rules.

The ‘Time to Reflect’ campaign aims to increase awareness among pedestrians, drivers and riders in a bid to reduce avoidable injuries and deaths on the county’s roads.

The campaign calls on road users to stay aware of all potential hazards and to consider how best to make themselves seen when out and about in the dark. Suggestions include carrying a torch, wearing reflective clothing or carrying something made of reflective material.

The statistics show that:

  • 1,067 pedestrians have been involved in road traffic collisions over the past three years including 40 fatal, 309 serious and 718 slight injuries.
  • 25% of collisions which caused death or serious injury involved pedestrians or drivers who were in a hurry or acted carelessly/recklessly.
  • 14% of collisions which caused death or serious injury involved pedestrians impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Nicola Foster, chair of SERP, said:

“Both drivers and pedestrians have a crucial role to play in reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads.

“With the clocks having gone back on Sunday it becomes even more important that cyclists and pedestrians on their way home make every effort to ensure they can be seen by other road users and that car drivers look out for pedestrians and cyclists.

“It is only by looking out for each other that we will stop the heartbreak that is caused by unnecessary deaths and serious injuries on our roads.”

Cllr Ian Grundy, Essex County Council cabinet member for highways and chair of the SERP Board, said:

“Road safety is a priority for us as even one death on our roads is one too many.

“Please take responsibility for your safety on Essex roads – whether you are behind the wheel, cycling on our roads or walking along the pavement. We all have a role to play in making Essex roads safer.”

31 October 2017

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