SERP tool updated to include 2018 casualty data

An analytical tool, which allows people in Essex to gain a detailed understanding of the county’s casualty figures, has been updated to include the latest available data.

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership tool shows casualty data for the last five complete years – with filters including local authority, age, gender and month of the year.

The tool has been updated to include 2018 statistics – during which time there were 49 recorded deaths.

The update also allows people to see how many casualties involve drink and drugs, speed related factors, vehicle defects, poor observation and distraction – as well as the proportion of car occupant casualties (where known) who were not wearing a seat belt.

Will Cubbin, data analyst, Safer Essex Roads Partnership, said: “SERP is working to continue this reduction in casualty numbers, with a target to reduce the number of KSIs in 2020 by 40% from the 2005-2009 average. 

“However, this is merely an interim target as we believe one casualty is one too many, so the ultimate aim is for no KSIs on the roads of Essex – this is known as ‘Vision Zero’. 

“During 2018 there were 49 people killed in road traffic collisions on the roads of Essex, so to achieve this vision everyone needs to work together and make small changes to how they use the road.”

19 August 2019

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