SERP launches new young rider campaign

SERP young rider camp

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) has launched a new young rider campaign by speaking to hundreds of students at the Colchester Institute.

The Street Spirit campaign calls on young powered two wheeler riders to enhance their knowledge on safe riding by watching five short videos and completing a quiz.

This automatically enters them into the competition, giving them the chance to win one of two brand new bikes, with full protective kit and a year’s insurance.

Data reveals that riders of powered two wheeled (P2W) vehicles are the highest road user risk group in Essex.

Today, (11 September) SERP spoke to hundreds of students at Colchester Institute to promote the campaign and the importance of road safety.

Andy Stroulger, RTC reduction manager for Essex Fire & Rescue Service and SERP’s motorcycle safety specialist, said:

“Today was a successful day. We were given the opportunity to engage with a large group of young riders who were interested in what we had to say.

“The bikes on display attracted a lot of interest from students and we were able to promote the campaign as well as offer advice on how to stay safe on two wheels.”

Harry Clack, 17, from Heybridge, came along to support the campaign and share his passion for safe riding.

Harry said:

“I’ve been brought up around motorbikes and ride myself.

“This campaign resonates with me as three weeks ago I was involved in a collision near Kelvedon. It was raining and I lost control of my bike. I think I was being cocky and simply did not read the road properly and ended up having a crash.

“Fortunately no other vehicles were involved and I was wearing good quality protection kit so was uninjured. However, my bike will take six weeks to get repaired so I have to get two buses to work every day. It has caused me a great deal of inconvenience and has cost me a lot of money.  I appreciate it could easily have been far worse. I was lucky.

“Today I was able to talk to people my own age about my experience and the importance of training, wearing protective kit and bike maintenance.”

For more information on the campaign or to enter the competition visit

11 September 2019

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