SERP “Crash” the Road Safety Analysis Conference


The 2017 National Road Safety Analysis Conference (“Joining the Dots”) was held in Birmingham on 2nd March. This conference is an opportunity for road safety professionals to share knowledge, ideas and experience, to help achieve their common aim of making Britain’s roads safer.

The SERP was represented at this event by its Data Analyst Will Cubbin, who gave a talk about the challenges and benefits of using a new collision recording computer system called CRASH, which has been adopted by around half the Police Forces in the UK.

Will said “Crash is still developing but it is already a vast improvement on the previous paper-based system. There have been a number of challenges to overcome, but the positive approach taken by Essex Police has allowed us all to benefit from improved data quality and a big reduction in processing time between a collision occurring and data being useable.”

The conference covered a range of topics including use of behavioural psychology, data collected by the NHS and information from vehicle telematics. Will said “The conference was definitely a day well spent. I picked up some very practical and useable ideas which will help me provide more insight into road safety issues, but also help my colleagues design more effective ways to help people use the road without causing collisions.”

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