SERP asks road users to ‘Take Extra Care’

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership is supporting a campaign from Road Safety GB encouraging all road users to help reduce the strain on the emergency services during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pressure being placed on the NHS due to the coronavirus pandemic is well known.

While early evidence suggests measures to delay the spread of the virus are reducing the number of vehicles on the road, some still need to use the roads for essential journeys such as getting to work and for food shopping.

An average of 70 people per day were seriously injured in the UK in 2018 (25,511 in total) – all of whom required hospital treatment.

To reduce the number of road casualties during these unprecedented times, Road Safety GB is reminding all road users to do everything they can to avoid collisions and casualties, including:

  • Always drive at a legal and appropriate speed
  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Never use a mobile phone while driving
  • Only use the roads for essential travel

Nicola Foster, Chairman of SERP, says: “Our individual responsibility to look out for each other on the roads and pavements and to maintain a safe distance has never been more important.

“Although you may not be driving as often or as far, there are many more cyclists and pedestrians on the roads at the moment. Now is the time to concentrate, more than ever before, on your driving and the road ahead. Please, watch you speed, don’t let yourself be distracted by a mobile phone or by passengers or be tempted to use the road if you’ve been drinking or using drugs. If you are cycling, please think about wearing a helmet and make sure you do not use busy pavements and areas where pedestrians are exercising.

“The NHS has never been more stretched and we are asked to stay at home and social distance to protect those most vulnerable in our society. If you have to travel, please drive carefully to protect those who are most vulnerable on the roads.

“Please listen to the Government’s advice; Stay home, only make essential journeys and save lives.”

21 April 2020

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