SERP asks parents of young motorcyclists to help get them ready for the road this Spring

A young man poses in front of a motorbike

Are you a parent of a young motorcyclist? The Street Spirit website can equip young riders with the knowledge to stay safe on the roads.

Roads are expected to be busier over the Easter period and the drier weather conditions typically mark a return to the roads for motorcyclists.

The Street Spirit campaign calls on young, powered two-wheeler (P2W) riders to enhance their knowledge on safe riding by watching five short videos and completing a quiz. Young riders are also able to watch a virtual reality film which teaches about safe positioning, filtering and manoeuvring in an interactive way.

Andy Stroulger, FireBike and P2W Safety Manager, said: “Young riders between the ages of 16 and 25 years old are particularly vulnerable on the roads of Essex, and are involved in a significant proportion of collisions.

“Our Street Spirit campaign has been a great success in enabling us to engage with current and potential young riders and provide some useful learning about the risks and consequences of being out on the roads.

“Ahead of the long weekend and the start of the warmer weather, (despite the strong winds we’re currently experiencing) we ask all parents to encourage their young riders to visit the website. It could save their life.”

Stephen, aged 17 and from Colchester described the campaign as a “great way of teaching young riders the key principles of staying safe on the road, and riding legally”.

He said: “The campaign elaborated on skills taught on the CBT to stay safe while riding, and also taught me how to properly maintain my bike and how to check it’s in a safe condition to ride.

“It also taught me how to properly gear myself to ride, which is just as important as riding on a well-maintained bike.”

The Street Spirit website can be found at Street Spirit (


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