SERP asks are you #readyfortheroad?

As more people return to the roads as Covid restrictions relax from today, Monday 29 March, the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) asks all road users to give themselves more time and space to look out for each other on the roads.

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Sadly, we’ve seen speeds increase with the lower traffic levels during lockdown and an increase in deaths as and serious injuries as a result. Reducing your speed is the most important action you can take to protect yourself and others.

Nicola Foster, chair of the Safer Essex Roads Partnership, said: “Many of us haven’t driven much for some time and might feel out of practice. We might just want to ensure we create a bit of space around our vehicle and take things slowly in case we, or someone else makes a mistake. It’s ok, and expected, to feel a bit rusty.

“During lockdown, many of us turned to cycling as a socially distanced leisure activity and have realised the many benefits that this brings. As the weather improves it’s expected that even more cyclists will be taking to the roads. Let’s be patient and share the road, giving cyclists at least 1.5m space when overtaking.

“Your vehicle may also need some TLC so please remember to check your tyre pressures, condition and tread before setting off; particularly if you only have two!”

Adam Pipe, head of roads policing for Essex Police, said: ““We will continue to proactively target roads and areas known for high levels of speed and respond to community concerns.

“My officers could be anywhere, but we can’t be everywhere so please keep sending us your footage of poor or dangerous behaviour via Extra Eyes. The initiative is going from strength to strength and soon we’ll be publicising some of our results on the SERP website and social media channels.”

From today, SERP will be sharing messages on social media, (@SaferEssexRoads on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) using the hashtag #readyfortheroad and we ask all road users to show their support by liking, commenting and sharing.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and together the ambition of zero deaths and injuries on Essex roads can be achieved.

29 March 2021

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