SCPs in Essex trial body cameras

A school crossing patrol sign

School crossing patrols in Essex are being equipped with body cameras as part of a new pilot scheme in the county.

The four-week trial is being led by Essex County Council, who hopes the cameras will lead to a reduction in incidents of abuse.

The trial got underway on 4 October at sites in Clacton-on-Sea and Basildon, locations the council says are busy through roads and serve several nearby schools.

The council will evaluate the effectiveness of the cameras once the trial is complete, with a view to a wider roll-out.

It is also urging all residents to treat school crossing patrols with the respect they deserve.

Cllr Tony Ball, Essex County Council cabinet member, said: “The majority of Essex drivers respect school crossing patrol officers and the safety of the children and families they help to cross the road.

“Unfortunately, there is that very small minority of drivers who are impatient and sometimes even abusive toward the crossing patrols.

“This is utterly unacceptable behaviour. Our school crossing patrol officers are wonderful people, loved by the communities they serve, and who work in rain, wind and snow to keep the children of Essex safe.”

The law requires drivers to stop when a school crossing patrol holds a stop sign upright.

Not stopping at a school crossing patrol can lead to a driver receiving a fine of up to £1,000, as well as three points on their licence.

07 October 2021

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