Scheme helps schools take ownership of road safety

Schools in Thurrock are being encouraged to participate in the Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) scheme.

Organised by Thurrock Council, the JRSO scheme has been running in the area for the last 10 years.

Pupils in Year 5 are invited to apply for the job, via an application form, giving their reasons on why they would like to become a JRSO.

The role includes promoting and educating the rest of school in all things relating to road safety. Different activities can include arranging competitions, giving presentations in assembly or writing to local companies to try to raise some money to pay for road safety related items.   

A member of staff is allocated in school to assist their JRSO and a member of Thurrock Council’s road safety team meets with the selected pupils three times a year to develop different ideas.

Pupils that are successful are given a hi-viz tabard, cap, notepad and a stationery pack.  

One of the schools participating in the scheme is Thameside Primary School, Grays.

A pupil from the school recently produced a road safety poster – as part of a competition organised by the JRSO (pictured).

Thurrock Council says the initiative encourages pupils to take ownership in the role and drive it forward road safety education in their school.

06 November 2019

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