Safer Essex Roads Partnership releases new e-safety guide

E-bike rider

Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) has released a new guide promoting the safe usage of e-bikes and scooters.

Following an increased use of convenient, alternative transport, an informative brochure was created by SERP to raise awareness of a number of issues, including knowledge of traffic laws when using e-transport, and the dangers of using non-road legal e-bikes and scooters.

William Cubbin, Safer Essex Roads Partnership Manager, said: “E-bikes and e-scooters can be great for urban mobility, but we want to make sure people are using these vehicles safely and legally. These vehicles have only become commonplace relatively recently, so we created a guide to some important information that many people may not be aware of. We hope people find this guide helpful in making an informed choice about how they travel.”

To read more on e-bike and scooter safety and legislation, please visit:

30 October 2023

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