Roadster events


SERP offers a one-day young driver event for year 12 students which includes a range of different sets including practical off-road driving tuition where space allows.

The event is free and is arranged in colleges for up to 200 students per day, or in some areas, using outside venues.

Partners currently supporting Roadster are:

• Essex Highways – crash investigation covering mobile phones and texting
• Essex Police – drink/driving and seatbelts
• Essex County Fire & Rescue Service – ‘Driving with Grace’ video (speeding and showing off)
• Driving instructors – ‘getting started’ (license/theory/test)
• Driving instructors – practical ‘off road’ tuition (optional if space allows)
• Drugs Alert – drugs and driving
• St John Ambulance – first response (at the scene of a crash)
• Trading Standards – buying a car and rogue traders
• Kwik Fit – basic maintenance

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