Extra skills for young and pre-drivers


Want to gain some extra driving skills and have lower insurance rates than your mates? Then read on for details of advanced driving courses in your area.

Pass Plus is a training scheme for new drivers which helps you gain experience in all weather driving, town driving, driving out of town, night driving, driving on dual carriageways and motorways. By taking part in the course you will reduce your risk of being involved in a crash and benefit from lower insurance rates. Best of all, there is no test at the end.

Chelmsford Young Driver Scheme


Essex County Council and the Driving Instructors Club Essex (DICE) operate this joint venture whereby teenagers aged 16-19 years can learn to drive a car (without a driving licence) in a safe, off-road environment. The instructors, all qualified driving instructors licenced by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), use a dual controlled car. For more details contact info@chelmsfordyoungdriverscheme.co.uk

The Young Drivers’ Scheme (for lorry drivers)

The Young Drivers Scheme provides the opportunity to obtain a licence to drive a lorry between 3500kg and 7500kg with a trailer over 750kg – up to three years before other drivers. This can widen career opportunities in transport and other professions.

At the end of the scheme the young driver will have a full Category C driving licence at the age of 18, rather than 21, and a Category C+E licence before his or her 21st birthday.

Contact Skills for Logistics for more details on 0870 242 7314 or by email: info@skillsforlogistics.org

Young Drivers’ Scheme (YDS) – for those aged 15-16 years

YDS provides driving lessons for young people aged 15 -16 years on the third Sunday of most months (9.00am – 3.30pm) at Earls Colne Business Park.

The scheme, which is run by the Chelmsford & District Group of Advanced Motorists and DICE (the Driving Instructors Club of Essex), offers driving lessons to young people before they reach the age at which they can legally drive on a public road.

YDS is aimed primarily at 16 year olds, but places are given to 15 year olds if vacancies exist. Courses are offered, but ‘one off’ sessions are also sometimes available. The initial fee of £26 covers registration and the first lesson, and the fee for subsequent one-hour lessons is £22.

Visit www.youngdriverscheme.org or contact the course organiser on 07050 267400 for joining details.

The Skid Car

It’s all angles, all action and lots of fun as you gain driving skills that could one day save your life. Your reflexes and co-ordination will be tested to the full as you learn the advanced techniques to counteract, understeer and oversteer and can also include emergency braking exercises in our skid training course. The course is organised by ATC Driver Training and held at North Weald Aerodrome.

The Skid Pan

Get real life skid experience at All Motor Training’s Essex based Skid Pan, and learn and master those driving skills needed when you skid in hazardous conditions such as snow, ice or wet roads.

SLYDE (Streetlife Young Driver Education)

SLYDE offers a variety of packages for teenagers aged 16-19 years who can learn to drive a car, without a driving licence. The sessions take place ‘off road’ at Colchester United Football Stadium. The instructors are all qualified driving instructors licenced by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), and use a dual controlled car.

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