Pedestrians about to cross the road

A report published by PACTS showed that nationally 68% of all pedestrian casualties are adults.

The report identified that pedestrians were at highest risk on weekend evenings after consuming alcohol, and during late evening/night time. In Essex 14% of adult pedestrian who were killed or seriously injured were impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time of the collision, and 33% were injured during hours of darkness, despite much lower numbers of pedestrians and cars on the road at night.

Within Essex, Colchester, Basildon and Southend are the areas where adult pedestrian casualties are most prevalent.

SERP data shows, that for adult (aged 18+) pedestrian casualties in Essex:

  • 45% of adult pedestrians killed or seriously injured are primarily at-fault for the collision they are involved in.
  • 43% of pedestrian collisions involve the injured pedestrian failing to look properly.
  • 25% involve a pedestrian or driver who is careless/reckless or in a hurry.
  • 14% involve a failure to judge the path or speed of a vehicle.
  • 10% involve crossing when masked by a parked or stationary vehicle.
  • 12% of all pedestrian collisions occur in rural areas, but 35% of fatal pedestrian collisions occur in rural areas.
  • 87% of pedestrian collisions occur on 30mph roads and 80% are on single carriageway roads.

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SERP is currently running a publicity campaign which aims to increase the awareness of both pedestrians and drivers of the increased risk of adult pedestrian casualties when they are in a hurry, in the dark or impaired by alcohol.

Pedesrian campaign bus side

The government’s THINK! road safety website has information to help parents keep their children safe when travelling as pedestrians. 

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