Driving with confidence


What does ‘Driving With Confidence’ cover? 

The ‘Driving With Confidence’ scheme can be tailored to help with any areas of concern that the driver may have, and can include areas such as: 

• Night driving 
• Dealing with junctions and roundabouts 
• Recognising and understanding signs

Drive Safer for Longer 

Some older drivers may become less confident with their driving skills, particularly if they have not driven for a period of time. They may be returning to driving after an illness or surgery, or circumstances may have changed meaning they are now required to drive more regularly. 

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership is supporting older drivers to continue to drive safely for longer by providing the ‘Driving with Confidence’ scheme. It is for anyone concerned about their driving skills and aims to help particupants to drive for as long as it is safe to do so, or to support them with alternative choices if required. 

 How does ‘Driving With Confidence’ work 

An experienced driving coach will come to meet you at a time, date and venue that are convenient to you, usually at your home. The driver will need to produce a valid driving licence and must demonstrate the ability to read a number plate at 20 metres, (wearing glasses if required) as this is a legal requirement. 

The session will last for one hour and will be taken in the driver’s vehicle, on a route tailored to the driver’s individual needs. The driving coach will provide feedback and further guidance if necessary.

Why does the Safer Essex Roads Partnership want to help? 

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership has a vision to reduce the number of casualties who are killed or seriously injured on Essex roads to zero. 

The Partnership recognises that there is an aging population, many of whom depend on driving to maintain their independence and quality of life. 

‘Driving with Confidence’ does not involve a driving test and is not intended as a process to stop people from driving, but as an opportunity to help older people regain lost confidence and bring their skills up to date.


For information and booking, please visit: https://drivingwithconfidence.co.uk

If you have further questions: email driverintervention@essex.gov.uk | Tel: 01277 636677


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