Choosing a seat


When choosing a car seat it is best to choose a reputable retailer with experienced fitters and knowledge of car seat safety who will try the child seats in your car and check vehicle compatibility before you buy. They should demonstrate the product and make sure that you understand the fitting and operation of the seat that you choose to buy.

A good retailer will also provide a good after care service should you require further advice or have any queries regarding the operation of the child seat.

It is not advisable to buy seats online without trying them in your vehicle, even if they are listed as compatible because there can be other factors that make the seat unsuitable for you such as the amount of space the seat takes up in your vehicle, the angle at which it sits in your car and the ease of getting the child in and out of it.

Do not be tempted to buy a second hand car seat as you cannot be certain of the history of the seat, whether it has been involved in an impact or dropped. It may be old, and not comply with current Regulations and possibly missing instructions and essential parts. Seats that have been stored in an unheated garage, outbuilding or a loft should not be used as the combination of very cold temperatures in the winter and very hot temperatures in the summer will have made the plastic brittle. Also, dampness and mildew can compromise the safety of the harness system.

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