Parents & children

What we offer for children in schools

Pedestrian Training

Currently offered to Year 5 pupils but will also be offered to reception age pupils and their parents from 2016.

Speed sessions/speed watch

Currently offered to Year 5/6 pupils at selected schools. Pupils work with road safety staff and the police to look at the speed of drivers near their school. The pupils then have the opportunity to talk to speeding drivers about the dangers and consequences of their speeding.

Crucial Crew

Organised by Community Safety Partnerships for Year 6 pupils in eight districts across Essex.

Parking issues at schools

We are happy to provide advice and support to help address parking issues at schools.

Advice and resources on our website

There are lots of resources and advice for parents and children in the ‘education’ section of our website including:

Pre-school children: including our ‘Prepare me for the road ‘booklet for parents
Primary age pupils: including our ‘All about’ parents’ guides and worksheets for children
Secondary age pupils: including our ‘All about’ leaflet, ‘Your life in their hands’ booklet and a students’ journal.
Child car seats: advice covering the law, a guide to car seats for your child, choosing a seat, child car seat regulations and FAQs.

Other websites/resources

imgresTHINK! Education

THINK! Education includes a wealth of road safety information and resources for pupils, teachers and parents. Some of the resources will also be useful to road safety professionals and out of school groups.

roadsafety-week-indexRoad Safety GB

Road Safety GB produced a series of child road safety resources as part of Global Road Safety Week 2015. The resources are free and available to everyone.


CTC-GRAPHICChildren’s Traffic Club

The Children’s Traffic Club is a fun and interactive club for young children aged 3-4 years.


TOTRTales of the Road

Part of the Government’s THINK! road safety campaign which shows “what happens when it all goes wrong” when crossing the road.


tales_of_the_road-3A highway code for young road users

Part of the Tales of the Road campaign.





The RoSPA website has a section dedicated to children and road safety.



Brake logo redBrake

The Brake website has a section dedicated to parents and families.


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