Road users urged to take extra care during lockdown two

Pair of cyclists on path

Amid the latest Covid-19 restrictions, the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) is asking drivers once again to take extra care with regard to vulnerable road users.

The first lockdown earlier this year saw a marked increase in the number of people cycling and walking.

Government figures show that between May and July 2020, 39% of people reported to walk more often and 38% said they cycled more frequently than before the outbreak of the pandemic.

However, this latest lockdown presents greater challenges for walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders – with shorter days, darker evenings and the onset of wintry weather making the roads more dangerous for all users.

With this in mind, the National Police Chiefs’ Council is running a national campaign (9-22 November) which includes the following tips and hints for walkers and cyclists:

  • If you are working from home, consider exercising before work in daylight – using the time you would usually spend commuting
  • Speak to your employer about starting work later or taking a longer lunch break so that you can exercise in daylight
  • Whatever the time of day, please consider wearing a hi vis waistcoat or carrying a bright light to increase your visibility to others
  • If you are exercising alone, tell someone where you are going

13 November 2020

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