Road Crime Team return to Tendring and detect hundreds of speeders as part of ongoing speeding crackdown

The heat map shows where officers travelled. The darker the red the more time they spent there.

Police officers travelled 1,427 miles across the district on 1-2 August and caught nearly 800 drivers committing offences, including speeding and not wearing seatbelts.

Matt Hine, Road Crime Team Manager, said: “We’ve had so many emails from concerned residents in the area, so we decided to return to Tendring to see if speed was still an issue.

“Many residents in Tendring as well as other districts such as Uttlesford, say they miss the high visibility patrols in the rural areas, so we made sure we covered the villages as well as the larger towns.

“I want to reassure communities that we understand the concerns around speeding and we will continue to respond to these by travelling across the county and targeting key areas.

“We can’t be everywhere all the time, but we can use our resources in a targeted way, which is what we’ve been doing here. It’s also key to remember the role of dash cam footage via our Extra Eyes service, of which we received nearly 500 pieces of footage from members of the public last month.”

The team plans on travelling across the north of the county this weekend.

If you have concerns about speeding in your area please contact the Road Crime Team via To submit footage to Extra Eyes visit

06 August 2020

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