Pupil picks up iPad for winning comic competition

SERP PE 2018 comic

A pupil from the Alec Hunter Academy in Braintree has recieved an iPad after being named winner of a school comic competition organised in support of Project EDWARD 2018.

Project EDWARD (European Day Without A Road Death) , which took place this year on 19 September, looks to encourage drivers, riders and pedestrians to spare an extra thought for their safety.

The awareness-raising event first ran in September 2016 to ‘re-energise the reduction of fatalities and serious injuries on Europe’s roads’ – by drawing attention to the 70 deaths that occur on average each day on Europe’s roads.

It was conceived by TISPOL – the European Traffic Police Network – whose work focuses on pan-European activity to make roads safer.

TISPOL’s long-term aim is to use Project EDWARD to spearhead significant and sustained reduction in death and serious injury on roads across the world.

In support of Project EDWARD 2018, SERP invited all schools in Essex to take part in a road safety comic competition – and received a large number of entries.

Alec Hunter Academy pupil Luca Wiese, aged 11 years, was crowned winner after submitting an original and creative story board about road safety.

Two pupils, from Manningtree School and St Thomas of Canterbury in Thurrock, were chosen as runners up and will each receive a Kindle Fire.

Mrs D Hewes, head of learning for life at Alec Hunter Academy, said:

“At Alec Hunter we think the subject of road safety is very important and is a life skill that all students should consider to ensure their safety for not only the time they are a pupil at Alec, but so they remain safe on the roads for the rest of their lives.”

In addition to the competition, SERP road safety officers engaged with 120 members of the public to spread the Project EDWARD messages. 24 Community Speed Watch teams recorded over 400 speeding drivers throughout the day and almost 400 students were spoken to as part of either Roadster or Theatre in Education events.

David Raven, SERP road safety officer, said:

“Project Edward 2018 was a busy and successful day for us. It is so important that we spread the message as far and wide as possible, that we all have a part to play in reducing death and serious injury on our roads.

“Although a large number of drivers were recorded speeding by our Community Speed Watch volunteers, many groups noticed an improvement in their areas so it appeared our messages were being listened to.”

09 October 2018

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