Community Speed Watch


Community Speed Watch is a traffic monitoring scheme, coordinated by the Essex Police Casualty Reduction Section (EPCRS) and supported by SERP, but managed and run by volunteers in the community.

By increasing the existing methods of enforcement, and recruiting and involving local volunteers, Community Speed Watch benefits the communities themselves by helping to reduce anti-social behaviour and the number of injuries from road traffic collisions.

Local Neighbourhood Action Panel (NAP) meetings have identified excess speed as an important issue for local communities, and it is a known significant contributory factor in many road traffic collisions.

EPCRS staff are able to provide support to local neighbourhood officers and PCSOs with speed data surveys, which in turn can highlight any potential problems and help reassure local communities as to the extent of any concerns relating to vehicle speeds.

More than 85 Community Speed watch groups are now operating across the Essex Police area, providing regular monitoring of vehicle speeds within their own locations. Results are forwarded via log sheets to The Casualty Reduction Unit for processing, and warning letters sent to the registered keepers of the vehicles monitored travelling in excess of the posted speed limit.

Log sheets are also monitored to highlight those communities that would benefit from additional police enforcement based on evidence of poor levels of compliance. This additional enforcement is primarily conducted by officers from the Casualty Reduction Section including its own team of Special Constables.

The benefits of Community Speed Watch include:

• The opportunity for residents to increase road safety in their area, and support activities to reduce road traffic collisions and injuries.

• Enhancing the role of community members as volunteers, and developing better links with the community.

• Raising awareness of anti-social road use among who use them in local areas.

For more information and interactive map, please visit the Essex Police website:

If you are interesting in forming or joining a community speedwatch group, please email