Operation Tramline sees hundreds of drivers engaged with as SERP uses new ‘supercab’

SERP operation tramline

Safer Essex Roads Partnership has deployed a ‘supercab’ to identify unsafe and distracting driver behaviour on major routes across the county.

The supercab was provided by Highways England over the Easter break and used as part of a national project which aims to reduce collisions and incidents, and improve safety, journey time and reliability on major roads.

Essex Police roads policing officers focused on major roads such as the M11, M25, A12 and A13 and stopped 230 vehicles during five days in March and April.

The height of the supercab allowed an officer to look into vehicles to observe distracting behaviours such as mobile phone use. Once a behaviour or cause for concern was spotted, the message was relayed to police cars and motorbikes which were ready to pull over the vehicle and engage with the driver.

Operational tasking supervisor Matt Hine, from Safer Essex Roads Partnership, said:

“This was a successful operation with 244 interventions made and 230 drivers spoken to.

“In addition, 97 drivers were found to not be wearing seatbelts, 55 people were seen using their mobile phones whilst driving, 15 for speeding and three were seen to not be in proper control of their vehicle.

“Operations such as this are valuable in promoting road safety. They allow us to remind motorists that they should always drive safely and although they might not see a marked police car nearby, it doesn’t mean their behaviour isn’t being observed.”

Colin Evans, safety coordinator in the South East for Highways England, said:

“Safety is our top priority and I am pleased that our HGV cab has been so useful in helping the police and partnership in Essex to identify unsafe behaviour on the motorways and major A roads in the region.

“It provides an ideal viewing platform for police officers to identify dangerous behaviour that can be difficult to spot from standard police patrol vehicles.

“Highways England is committed to working collaboratively with Essex Police and Safer Essex Roads Partnership to improve road safety.”

12 April 2018

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