Provisional year-to-date data

About the data

The portal below shows current data for the period January-July 2017. This is unpublished data, not all of which has been through the data validation process. Therefore eventual published figures are likely to be slightly different to those shown below, however it is likely the broader trends shown by the data will remain largely unchanged.


How to use

  • Click on the diagonal double arrow in the bottom right hand corner to view the data in full-screen.
  • There are two pages of charts, use the arrows in the middle at the bottom to toggle between the two pages.
  • Hovering over sections of each chart will display extra information.
  • Clicking on any chart will filter the rest of the charts on that page based on your selection. Hold down ‘Ctrl’ when clicking to select multiple elements from one chart.
  • Only one chart can be used as a filter at a time.
  • To clear filters, simply click on an element which has already been selected.
  • Hover over the map and use the mouse roller to zoom in and out of the map, click and drag to pan the map view around.

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