No excuse for drink or drug drivers in Essex!


A new campaign by the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) offers a range of unpalatable ‘specials’ for anyone tempted to risk drink or drug driving over the forthcoming festive period.

The campaign posters are produced in the style of a ‘specials’ boards as used by many pubs and bars to display their daily menu options. The range of ‘specials’ this enforcement campaign will be offering includes disqualification from driving, a massive fine, potential imprisonment and reduced job prospects.

Along with the posters some bars, pubs and nightclubs will also be using campaign-specific beer mats and bar runners to really hammer home the message of “No excuse for drink or drug driving”.

The campaign will also be supported by a Heart Radio campaign which illustrates what you and your family could lose if you are convicted of drink or drug driving. Car parks across Essex will also be printing the campaign message on the back of tickets, and the following public engagement events will be held in towns and cities across Essex.

• 30 November – Harlow town centre (campaign launch)
• 1 December – Southend-on-Sea
• 2 December – Chelmsford (park & ride sites)
• 3 December – Colchester (park & ride site & Asda)
• 7 December – Grays
• 10 December – Basildon
• 17 December – Epping (high street)

no-excuse-nov-launchEssex Police, one of SERP’s partners, are also encouraging people to report anyone they know who regularly drinks or takes drugs and drives, via the Crimestoppers number 0800 555 111.

The campaign, which will run from 30 November 2015 to 4 January 2016, is part of the SERP ‘No excuse for poor driving’ umbrella campaign which is used to deliver a wide range of road safety messages covering issues including seat belts, mobile phones, speed limits and anti-social driving/riding, as well as drink or drug driving.

Nicola Foster, Chair of SERP, said: “Drink and drug driving are year round issues but we are using the festive period to remind drivers of their responsibilities, and the penalties if they are caught.

“Essex Police will be out in force during December and early January, and anyone who takes a chance by driving over the legal limit is very likely to be caught and arrested.

“As well as the personal consequences highlighted in our campaign, drivers should realise that their chances of being involved in a collision increase dramatically after drinking alcohol or taking any form of drug, which can include prescription medication.”

30 November 2015

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