New rapid response technology

German car manufacture BMW has introduced a version of the rapid assistance system eCall to motorcycles for the first time.  In a statement the company says the vehicle-integrated eCall system “can make the difference between life and death”.

It says that, while eCall will become mandatory for all new cars from 2018, thanks to the synergy effects with BMW Automobiles the system is expected to be available for the first time in a BMW motorcycle “ex works” as an option from beginning of 2017. In the case of an emergency or an accident, the intelligent eCall system, which is either automatically or manually triggered, sends out the position data, to a BMW Call Centre to initiate rescue.

It says its intelligent emergency call takes many scenarios into account, one being Aatomatic triggering in the case of a bad fall/collision – The emergency call is automatically triggered without time delay, sending a message to a qualified BMW Call Centre.

Essex motorcyclists make up around 1% of road traffic, yet are represented in 26% of road traffic crashes involving death or serious injury. 61% of all motorcycle crashes are deemed to be the fault of other road users such as car drivers, not the rider.

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership is already involved in activities and campaigns for motorcyclists with the aim of promoting further/advanced training, encouraging them to wear the right protective equipment and to share the roads appropriately with others.

However, due to the high number of other vehicles at fault in motorcycle deaths and serious injuries, we would like to encourage other road users to keep their eyes alert for motorcyclists on roundabouts, at junctions and whilst in filtering traffic.

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