New Extra Eyes guidance comes into place

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) would like to thank the public for their valuable submissions and want to encourage the continued sharing of video evidence of poor road user behaviour.

In the last 12 months, 2,079 notices of intended prosecutions were processed for a variety of offences, including careless driving, red light offences and dangerous driving.

This figure includes 821 notices of prosecution sent out for close passes on people riding bicycles, from submissions received through the Extra Eyes scheme.

However, due to the popularity of this scheme, we have seen a large increase in the number of submissions, which means we have had to alter our guidance in order to maximise the number of submissions that can be viewed and processed.

Video clips are now only required to show 30 seconds before and after the incident, as well as the incident itself. The video clip may be shortened from the original recording, but no other form of editing (e.g., playback speed, lighting, graphics, or text) may be applied.

All footage should be submitted within 48 hours of the incident, or sooner, if possible, to maximise the time available to view, assess and process the evidence within the legally defined time limit from the date of the alleged offence.

The team would also like to remind the public that each separate offence should be submitted individually, and that SERP do not encourage, or promote, vigilantism, or the public deliberately seeking out driving offences.

The team continue to praise the public for their continued support in keeping Essex roads safe, but we ask that you observe and follow the update guidance: Essex Police – Extra Eyes (

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