New camera rules – but no change required in SERP area


New rules about speed cameras on the Strategic Road Network (motorways and trunk roads), announced last week by the DfT, do not relate to how they are used or identified on roads across Essex, Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock.

On 14 November the Government announced that all speed camera housings will be coloured yellow by October 2016. The move, which follows a review of cameras, is intended to increase the visibility of all speed cameras on the network and ensure “motorists are not unfairly penalised”.

The announcement primarily applies to cameras on motorway gantries, some of which are currently coloured grey. There are approximately 200 camera sites on England’s motorways, some of which contain multiple cameras.

The majority of colour changes will take place during standard renewal of speed camera units, alongside other planned work, to minimise the cost.

Nicola Foster, Chair of SERP, said: “Existing guidelines already make clear that where cameras are used on the strategic road network signs must be put up to alert drivers.

Guidance for local authorities on speed cameras also states that fixed speed camera housings located on lit roads should be coloured yellow, either by painting both the front and back of the housing or covering both the front and back of the housing with retro-reflective sheeting.

“On unlit roads, the camera housing should be treated with yellow retro-reflective sheeting.

“All camera housings in the SERP area have been yellow for many years, and as such we will not be required to do any work to bring them in line with this latest guidance.”

23 November 2015

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