National award for Essex Highways

Essex road2
Image: Essex County Council via Twitter

Essex Highways has been recognised nationally for its upkeep of roads and pavements across the county.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has rewarded the efforts of Essex County Council and its highways partner, Ringway Jacobs, with the prestigious ISO 55001 for effective maintenance of the county’s roads.

Cllr Ian Grundy, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways, said the award establishes Essex as one of the UK’s leading highways authorities.

The highways infrastructure across Essex is valued at more than £10bn (excluding land) and includes more than 5,000 miles of roads, 4,000 miles of footways and cycleways and 125,000 streetlights.

Essex Highways’ approach to improving road condition includes a £91m investment in 2017 to extend the life of many roads and prevent defects forming for years to come.

Cllr Ian Grundy, said:

“This is a major recognition of our approach by BSI and establishes us as one of the leading highways authorities in the UK.

“The ISO award recognises our excellent management of highways maintenance. It’s how we prioritise repairs and improvements to make the most effective use of taxpayers’ money.

“Achieving this standard is a good indication that we will pass the Government’s highest benchmark allowing us access to £1.2 million in funding next year. This money will be used to further improve the condition of our roads.

“I pay tribute to our strategic partnership for highways with Ringway Jacobs, who now have their second highways contract ISO 50001 in the UK. Essex Highways is one of just a handful of highways authorities in the country to achieve this standard, which is great news to help keep Essex moving.”

10 August 2017

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