My Small Change attends college freshers’ fairs…virtually

Like all other events across the country, freshers’ fairs have had to be adapted in light of Covid-19. Universities and colleges have been busy organising virtual (online) freshers’ fairs to protect the wellbeing of their students, while also ensuring they don’t miss out on an important aspect of early college life.

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership, (SERP) has been attending freshers’ fairs for the last few years and has brought the My Small Change car to show students how they can stay safe on the road for the last couple.

This year SERP was keen to remain involved and filmed a short vlog-style video for the students.

Naomi Woodruff, assistant road safety technician, said: “The campaign encourages young drivers in Essex to pledge to improve a particular aspect of their driving, while giving them the chance to win some great prizes.

“Despite the pandemic and the need for social distancing, we really wanted to share our important messages with young drivers. We hope that many students will see our film, sign up and help save lives.”

Students will be sent the film as part of their freshers’ packages from September 2020.

To sign up to the campaign visit

27 August 2020

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