Cement your pledge


Thank you for being a part of the #mysmallchange campaign. By posting your pledge to social media, you have empowered others to start thinking about their own behaviour as drivers and passengers. You will have almost certainly inspired at least one of your friends or followers to make their own #mysmallchange pledge too.

Today, we’re asking you to make an agreement that you’ll uphold your pledge. In recognition of the fact that you have taken this step to becoming a great driver or passenger, we will double your chances of winning the prize for which you are eligible. Simply read the statements below, then tick the box and enter your email address to update your entry.

*** Remember this is a personal commitment, not legally binding and the police or other authorities will not have access to this information.



acknowledge that distracted drivers are much more likely to crash, especially when they are inexperienced. As a driver, I agree to focus on the task in-hand and always tell passengers to stop distracting me. If my passengers regularly distract me and don’t listen, then I will stop giving them lifts. I agree not to multi-talk whilst driving; including changing CDs, eating, applying make-up and reading text messages or using social media. As a passenger, I agree to encourage the driver to focus and not be distracted by me or other passengers.




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